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Highland County, Part 2: Doe Hill and Bolar Springs

On my second day in Highland I covered a lot of ground. I started the day following the fog in the Bullpasture Mountain region, up Doe Hill Road and across Jack Mountain. The fog was so amazing. The ride across Jack Mountain was on a narrow, gravel road, but there weren’t many views of the valley below because of the trees. That’s a trip for another season.

As I proceeded up Doe Hill Road, I found an old cemetery and that held my attention for quite a while. The tilted headstones, the fog in the background, even the power lines were beautiful. I entered Pendleton County, West Virginia briefly, but my quest was the fog of Virginia, so I turned around.

Barn at sunrise

Driving up Doe Hill Road as the sun tried to make its way through the fog.

Barn at sunrise in fog

The sun’s rays through the fog provide a special mood to this photograph.

B&W Cemetery 2

The old cemetery on Doe Hill Road.

After I crossed Jack Mountain, we were on Route 220, so we headed south to Bolar Springs. My travel companion and guide was an old friend who has been living in Highland County for a year, growing veggies in a new greenhouse and learning the ways of the Highland County bureaucracy as he starts his new business. He told me that Henry Ford created a camp community around the natural springs in Bolar. A talk with locals earlier that morning had revealed to me that the springs have healing power. They are always at 73 degrees, and even thought the algae and undergrowth in the pool is not appealing, apparently it is good for what ails you. One of the locals said he got in the pool to take care of the itching and blistering of poison oak and it did indeed work. My travel companion soaked a wound on his foot that wouldn’t heal and three days later, he had scabs and the wound cleared right up! The camp is not used anymore, but the folks who live in Bolar keep it mowed and tidy.

Bolar Springs 1

Old buildings in Bolar

Bolar Springs 2

The spring comes in at the top of this image and fills a man-made pool, then overflows into a creek. There is a lot of water coming in from that spring.

Bolar Springs 3

This is the entry into the natural springs pool.

Highland County Adventure

I went on a weekend trip to Highland County, Va in early June. I have been there before in late winter/early spring for the Maple Sugar Festival, and I have made brief trips into the county at other times. This is the first time that I have covered a lot of the county with my camera in hand. I have a lot of photos from different regions of the county, so I will have two or three posts on this blog to break it up and show you more of what I saw.

First, a little history. Highland County has the sixteenth highest average elevation among counties in the Eastern United States. It is bordered on the west by the Allegheny Mountains and on the east by the western border of the Shenandoah Valley and parts of the George Washington National Forest are contained in its borders. The headwaters of the James and Potomac Rivers are located in Highland, which has sometimes been called “Virginia’s Little Switzerland.”

Highland is the least populous county in Virginia and the 115th least populous county in the entire United States. As of the 2010 census, there were 2321 people in the county, and only a little more than 200 students in the school district, also the smallest in number in Virginia.

There are several stunningly beautiful regions of Highland County: Blue Grass Valley in the northwest area of the county, the Big Valley in the south, and the Bullpasture Mountain region, which was my home base on this trip. Monterey is the county seat, and the small village of McDowell has Civil War history.

I am going to start with Blue Grass Valley. I visited there twice over the weekend,  and saw most of it in those two trips. Here are some images from that area of the county.

Hightown view 2

Blue Grass Valley as viewed from Hightown, west of Monterey.

Hightown view 3Hightown view 4 expanse Hightown view 5

Blue Grass Valley

Down in Blue Grass Valley with the Allegheny Mountains to the west.

Blue Grass Red and Blue

In the town of Blue Grass, I found a very patriotic house.

Blue Grass Valley 2

Red door in Blue Grass

Patriotism abounds on the other side of the house.

Red Shed in Blue Grass 2 Red Shed in Blue Grass

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