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Canada Geese

In 2000, while I was still working as a school social worker, my husband and I owned a 32-acre farm where we spent weekends and summers. It was a beautiful piece of property with two ponds. We inherited a handicapped Canada Goose when we bought the property. Lucky Eddie could not fly because of a damaged wing, but he was the king of the property. He had a pair of Canada Geese friends who lived there with him, and they had young goslings in the spring. I used to sit on the hill above the pond to watch the geese parents training their young. It was fascinating. They had different steps as the goslings were becoming more mature. I even went back to one of my elementary schools and talked about writing a book about how they approached training. It could have been a good book to share with parents who were having a hard time understanding the goal of parenting, which is to produce independent and confident adults. Alas, in those days I was not a photographer, and I don’t have photos of those geese, but I do have recent photos of Canada Geese on the ponds at the golf course where we monitor a 32-box bluebird trail. There are two pairs who have young, one set born sometime earlier than the other. It is fun to see them swimming together, all learning from each other, their parents and aunts and uncles on the pond with them..

Here are some shots I took last week.

This is the family with the younger offspring. There are six!

The family with an older set of seven goslings. It looks as if one gosling has three heads.
This day’s lesson was getting in the water. One gosling has already gone in, submerged at this point, and the others are anticipating their jump.
Mom doesn’t appreciate advice from the uncle of this group.
All together, learning the basics.

An outing in Orange

Another recent adventure was to the little town of Orange, Virginia.  Another historic location.  This outing was with my two artist collaborators, and it was a scouting expedition for our next creation.  Since they had their cameras with “normal” lenses, I decided to take my wide angle lens along.  What a great idea that was.  I needed to do some shooting and I loved the perspective that lens gave me  It was another good day!  Here are my favorites.

Bookstore Ductwork to the Sky Grace Baptist Church window Lighting in a Store Orange Courthouse Tree at Waddill Church

Not so beautiful, but interesting to look at.

Not so beautiful, but interesting to look at.


Photography Challenge

I belong to a photography group, the Charlottesville Photography Initiative, which is a group of young photographers who have a good time with photography. Really! Every month we have a Shoot-Off. The topic of the Shoot-Off arrives by email and we have until 5pm the same day to shoot to the topic and upload photographs to a website. On Saturday the topic was Name That Tune. The challenge was to create images that matched a particular piece of music.  I always have fun and find these exercises stimulating. Take a look at these images and make a decision about the song that goes with each one.  I’d love to read your comments.

Pepper Pepper

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