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Photography Challenge

I belong to a photography group, the Charlottesville Photography Initiative, which is a group of young photographers who have a good time with photography. Really! Every month we have a Shoot-Off. The topic of the Shoot-Off arrives by email and we have until 5pm the same day to shoot to the topic and upload photographs to a website. On Saturday the topic was Name That Tune. The challenge was to create images that matched a particular piece of music.  I always have fun and find these exercises stimulating. Take a look at these images and make a decision about the song that goes with each one.  I’d love to read your comments.

Pepper Pepper

Spring in Virginia?

What a difference a couple of days can make.  Two days ago I posted images from a trip to Rapidan when the sky was blue, there were wonderful cirrus clouds and temps rose quickly from the upper 20s to the 50s.  Today we have six inches of snow on the ground and temperatures are staying around 35 degrees.  Snow occasionally falls.  But, the roads are clear, so I spent four hours out in the winter wonderland of March 25th.  Some images are again of Rapidan and some are of places nearby.

A Study in Lines

Red Tractor

Caboose in Rapidan

Caboose in Rapidan

Caboose and Train Station

Train Station and Barns

Silo at the Parrott Farm

Barn at the Parrott Farm

A Study in Shape

Silo at the Parrott Farm

Barn and Silo at the Parrott Farm

The Haney Farm

Framing the Scene

Rapidan Adventure

Today I ventured about twenty miles from my home to the little historic community of Rapidan.  i had only been there once before, in the dark, and I had no idea what awaited me.  What a special treat that little place is. I am going to quote from a document created by the Rapidan Foundation so that my facts are correct.  Early residents of Rapidan were millers who began to use the Rapidan River as a source of power. It was known then as Waugh’s Ford. “In 1853 the Orange and Alexandria Railroad laid track and opened a passenger station, freight depot, and a Post Office. The village began to form and the name was changed to Rapidan Station. With Grant in Culpeper and Lee in Orange County for the winter of 1863-64, this section of the Rapidan River was unofficially an “international” boundary between the North and the South. The railroad bridge in Rapidan was constantly under attack by Union troops and just as constantly being repaired by Confederates.”  Rapidan’s maximum population occurred between 1930 and 1950, but declined after that time.  In 1987 the village was listed in the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register.

My images will show you but a part of the charm of this little village.  Some are infrared and some are with my “normal”  Nikon camera.  The fun today was to have both swinging off my shoulders so I could switch back and forth at will.  We met people along the way.  At each church we encountered someone who invited us inside. You bet!  At the country store, the gentleman working there, a native of Culpeper County, shared information about the old mill, the current PO, which used to be a bank, and other tidbits.  The Old Mill, which was a wooden building, burned in 1950 and was rebuilt as a concrete structure.  Today it is a small hydroelectric plant.  Everyone was friendly and proud to be from Rapidan.  As in all small communities, the word will spread about who we were and why we were there.  I love it.

RR Bridge over the Rapidan

RR Bridge over the Rapidan

Old Mill

Old Mill

Old stove in Country Store

The man at the store says this stove is over 100 years old.

This is a close-up of the caboose

The old wooden caboose

Caboose in Infrared

Caboose in infrared

Waddell Presbyterian Church in Infrared

Emmanuel Episcopal Church

Window in the Old Train Depot

Trees Growing at the Old Mill

Waddell Presbyterian Church 1874

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