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A Foggy Morning

This has been a period of amazing fog in the mornings.  It has been so dense that travel has been treacherous.  I talked myself out of going to shoot two mornings, but this morning my husband shamed me into getting dressed and getting out there.  I didn’t travel far from home, and I quickly learned that I needed to go east because the fog was clearing out in a west to east direction.  It is important for photographers to remember that distant venues are not always necessary to provide interesting images.  In fact, the challenge is to stay close to home and find new ways to shoot old subjects.  So, that’s what I did this morning.

Paint the Town Orange

Three years ago, when I was just getting into serious photography, I went with a friend to the downtown mall in Charlottesville on a Friday night in September….the FIRST Friday night in September.  Little did we know that it was “Paint the Town Orange” night.  That’s what happens on the night before the first University of Virginia home football game.  The mall was full of people of all ages, and as night fell, the activity level rose.  There were people with lighted hula hoops. mothers and dads with their children in strollers, UVA students, the UVA Marching Band and the football team on stage for a giant pep rally.  As photography goes, this couldn’t have been more fun.  Because my friend and I had large DSLR cameras with zoom lenses (not THAT impressive, but what the heck), whenever we approached a new activity to shoot, the crowd would open up a passageway for us to get to the front of the action.  It was truly amazing.  That was the first time I had been aware of how much access a camera will give you in a crowd.  So, we have front row views of almost everything that happened that night.  I’ve never had more fun with a camera in my hand than I had that night, September 2009.

Cheerleader Directing the Band Flautists Hula Hoop 1 Marching Band 1 Marching Band 2 Storefront in the Spirit Team on Stage

An Animal Tour

Photographing animals is an awesome experience….when you have the opportunity.  They are elusive and skittish.  There are a couple of hawks on our private road who swoop down in front of me as I drive out, taunting me with their accessibility, which really isn’t accessibility.  If I stop to grab the camera, off they fly. Another ones lives along a road I travel frequently.  He knows I cannot pull off the four-lane highway to get a shot of him so he sits there and laughs.  But, occasionally I get really lucky and have the camera in my hand in a place where I can actually get a shot.  Today I will show you some of my favorite shots of animals.  I have gotten images of all kinds of animals, from the White-Tailed Deer in the Shenandoah National Park, to the tiny snail in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

A White-Tailed Deer in SNP

Two Dragonflies

Cedar Waxwings in a Wild Cherry Tree

At the Rookery — Two Great Blue Herons

Not Suitable for Children

Halloween Pennant Dragonfly

Ring-Necked Pheasant

Tiny Snail on a Leaf


Brown Pelican in Chincoteague, VA

Virginia Lovers

An Unlikely Pair takes a Break from their Battles

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