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The Never-Ending Winter

Two years ago on this date I got images of trees leafing out, green grass at their bases, and beautiful blue skies.  Today, it’s snowing….again.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love snow.  I always have, always will.  But, I’ve about had enough. Today, though, was a bonus day for a photographer because the snow was pouring down, but the roads were clear, so I could go anywhere I wanted to go to get snow photos. Here are a few of my favorites from this morning.

First, Early Mountain Winery in Madison County. This farm was once owned by a family I know and when it sold, one of the family members and I rode around on a four-wheeler one morning among the grapevines. Then it sold again, this time to the folks at AOL, who came in and made changes that have created an amazing winery business. I’m so glad they spared these two barns on the property. The huge building which provides a wine-tasting venue, is also the location for music events, Sippin’ into Sunset, weddings, and a host of other fun events. In May they will host Derby Days, which is a fund-raiser for the Madison Boys and Girls Club.

Early Mountain Winery 1

Early Mountain Winery

After leaving Early Mountain I made my way to Graves Mill.  The Graves family has owned this mill for twelve generations, and in recent years it went into a sad state of deterioration.  Two cousins in the Graves family are restoring it and making wonderful progress toward saving this local landmark.

Graves Mill


Graves Mill

Feathered Friends

The forecast called for a few flurries this morning.  It is flurrying really hard out there! I love it.  We have a number of feeders on our property, placed very close to a maple tree not far from the house.  On a snowy day, the variety of birds is exciting, and watching them flit from the feeders to the tree is exhilarating. My goal today was to get an image of cardinals and bluejays together on the tree.  I think I was successful in this endeavor, although I can never get as close as I really want.   Today the female cardinals are the most beautiful I have ever seen them.  They stand out in the snow and have a golden glow.  I liked the fact that I captured a cardinal and a bluejay in flight….a bonus for standing in 29 degrees and waiting patiently for the birds to align themselves just as I wanted.

You may be wondering why all the birds are facing to the right.  The mountains are located in that direction.  Normally they could enjoy the view, but today the mountains are obliterated by the snowfall, uh, flurries.  They are facing to the right because that’s where the feeders are located.

Incoming cardinal

Incoming bluejay Four cardinals and a Sparrow Two Female Cardinals Beautiful Male Bluejays and Cardinal


That’s what we called it in education when we had a day off from school due to snow.  There were always at least two exclamation points at the end of that phrase. I had thirty-one years in education as a professional, and another seventeen years as a student.  And I’ve now been retired 9 1/2 years!  But, I still feel the excitement of a “day off.” I awoke this morning eager to look out at the new-fallen snow that had been predicted to start after midnight last night.  Imagine how disgusted I felt when there was nothing happening!  But now, as I look out the door, it’s pouring down and I couldn’t be happier.

I like snow because it’s peaceful.  The quietness of it as it falls, the cover it provides to all the little blemishes on the land, the solitude of white everywhere calms and relaxes me.  I prefer deep snow because it makes everyone slow down.  Well, not everyone.  I feel sorry for the folks running snow plows, or having to make emergency calls to pull cars out of ditches or to deliver folks to the hospital …. because emergencies do not cease to occur.  But, for many of us, we stop our daily routines of working, shopping or just going, and get back to the basics of reading, talking to loved ones, or taking it easy.

When I was a kid living in a small town, all of us came out of our homes dressed in layers of clothes, and walked to “the hill” where we created a fantastic sledding track.  It ran behind about seven homes, wove in and out of small trees and ended at the bottom where it leveled out nicely.  Initially, we spent some time walking the track, patting down the snow with our boots to make it nice and slick.  Then, off we’d go for a thirty-second ride which required a five-minute walk back to the top.  We sledded all day.  I guess we must have gone in for lunch, but I don’t really remember that.  I just know that cold and hunger didn’t cross our minds.  We were there for the thrill and nothing else mattered.

When I hit my teen years, snow days called for different activity.  When I was thirteen my parents, mostly my mother, taught a bunch of us teens to play bridge. Four or eight or sometimes twelve kids would show up at my house mid-morning and we played bridge all day!  We ate, we laughed, we competed and we had a blast.  One of my friends, when he was an adult with grown kids, told my mother that any time it snowed he thought he should be at the Burton house playing bridge.

I just realized that not only do I love falling snow, I love the memories it brings forth. Have a wonderful SNOW DAY everyone!!  And, by the way, when you look at my images, don’t forget to look for the elephant!!

Parrott Farm Snow at Lamb Farm Our yard Greene Hills Elephant on South River Deer 2 Cardinals Big Meadows

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