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A Foggy Morning

This has been a period of amazing fog in the mornings.  It has been so dense that travel has been treacherous.  I talked myself out of going to shoot two mornings, but this morning my husband shamed me into getting dressed and getting out there.  I didn’t travel far from home, and I quickly learned that I needed to go east because the fog was clearing out in a west to east direction.  It is important for photographers to remember that distant venues are not always necessary to provide interesting images.  In fact, the challenge is to stay close to home and find new ways to shoot old subjects.  So, that’s what I did this morning.


Harvest Moon, Where Are You?

A couple of weeks ago a photographer friend and I decided to go to the Shenandoah National Park to photograph the harvest moon on October 29th.  We picked out a perfect location that would afford us an eastern view of the moon, which is huge and orange in the autumn.  We also knew that at this same location we could see the sunset to the west. So, this morning the forecasts of Hurricane Sandy, the Frankenstorm, made us change our plans to the day before the actual full moon.  That way when the rains hit Virginia, we will have our images and be safely at home.  We arrived at the designated location before 5pm, ready to watch the huge moon rise up over the eastern ridges.  Not being quite ready for cold weather, we elected to sit in the warmth of the car awaiting the glorious event.  A couple of quick shots before huddling in the heat told us not to be too optimistic.

In about forty-five minutes, when the moon was expected to emerge, the fog dropped on us.  Literally.  It wasn’t there, and then it was!  We gave up.  But not before documenting our efforts to photograph the Harvest Moon in the Park.  What you are seeing as huge spots of dirt in the sky are rain drops all over the lens.

I thought about several things as I drove home.  I imagined what it must have been like 100 years ago when people lived in those mountains.  Rainstorms in the Park are not rare, and fog often envelopes everything.  But now we have roads, yellow lines to guide us through the fog and rock walls to stop us from toppling down the  mountain.  I also thought that it looked a lot like Halloween with the eerie shapes emerging from the woods.  I am completely sure I saw Sasquatch just off the road as I hastened back to safety in the flat lands below.

Light through the Fog

Another foggy sunrise called to me this morning.  I love the way fog accentuates some patterns and diffuses others.  The colors in the fog really came out when I brought this image into the computer and worked with it a bit.  Amazing.


Three months ago I had the good fortune of going with a group of artists to a little town in Umbria called Todi. The town was quaint and safe and I explored almost every corner.  Well, there weren’t really many corners because the town is on a hill and everything seems to be in a circle, with small roads winding in and out and up and down. I spent a lot of time with my images when I first got back, enough that they started to bore me.  But today I revisited them, and I discovered some that I had hardly noticed before.  Here is one of my favorites.  It’s similar to another I have printed, but there is more fog and more detail in the valley.  If you hadn’t noticed already, I LOVE FOG!!  This was the view to which I awakened every morning and often while brushing my teeth I was pressing the shutter button at the same time.  It has some resemblance to my beloved Virginia except that Umbria’s hills are green, while our views seem to pick up the reflection of our Blue Ridge Mountains.

Umbria in the Fog

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