Patricia Temples Photography

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View from an Upstairs Window

2 thoughts on “View from an Upstairs Window

  1. Tammy Vandivr Adams ~ on said:

    ~ When I no longer stand in this window,..
    .. in the morning sun..
    …will it still shine as brightly….
    or will there be an eclipse of the sun..?
    will the songbirds still gather, or will they fly far away..?
    when my home becomes
    … just a place…..
    ~ When I pack up and have traveled… far away
    will the mountains behind me…stay?
    ..they may melt as candles
    for, maybe they were meant.. only for my eyes to gaze
    will the flowers still be gathered..
    for a Sunday bouquet…?
    when my home becomes…
    … just a place …..
    written by; t.vandiver adams ~
    photo by: Patricia Temples Photography..

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