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Voices of the Wind

My father, Lawrence Burton, wrote poetry and folksy stories for our local weekly newspaper back in the 80’s and 90’s.  This morning as I listened to the howling wind and watched my golden retriever quake with fear, I was reminded of this gem.  My father liked the poetry of Edgar A Guest and this was written in a similar cadence and style.  I hope you enjoy the poem and the windy day that we have in store for this Tuesday, my birthday.

Voices of the Wind

When I was young and scary,

And all filled up with fright,

I could see all kinds of creatures

“Round my bedside in the night;

And I’d pray that dawn and sunshine

Would, somehow, my sorrows end,

As I laid in bed and listened

To the SCREAMING of the wind!

Like a freight train’s eerie whistle,

That sound would seem to be,

And I knew some big old black thing

Was a’reaching out for me;

And I’d peek out from the “kivers,”

Like a raccoon from its den,

As I laid there all a’trembling,

At the WHISTLING of the wind!

Oh, I was brave enough by day

And I’d often “take a dare,”

There wasn’t a river I wouldn’t swim

And I ‘splored caves everywhere,

But on windy nights I wondered

If that THING was there again,

As I gave my rapt attention,

To the CRYING of the wind!

And when the wind was howling,

I could see the wolves in pack

With their vicious eyes upon me

And their breathing at my back.

Then I’d struggle all the harder

To escape them once again

As I sprang upright and listened


So whenever thunder rumbled,

And the wind began to growl

I just knew those wolves were waiting,

To begin their nightly prowl.

Then “Old Rex” would start to whimper,

And my nerve would start to bend

As I laid there–heart a’pounding,

At the GROWLING of the wind!

But now that I am older,

And no longer fear the wind,

I feel that something’s missing,

When the sounds of night begin

And I crave a journey backward,

To recapture, if I can,

One more night of wild excitement,

‘Mid those VOICES of the wind!

(C)  1984  Lawrence R.  Burton

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